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PICU Patient Information

The PICU is a 15-bed unit with all private rooms and can accommodate a parent at the bedside 24/7 depending on the child’s condition. Each room is equipped with a large screen TV that has entertainment features for your children as well as Internet access that enables you and your child to remain in contact with their friends and family.  Bathroom and shower facilities are located conveniently just outside the PICU.

Visiting Guidelines

In keeping with a family centered philosophy of care, the PICU has an open visiting policy for parents and guardians.  All other visitors can visit from 7AM-10PM. We have the ability to accommodate one parent sleeping at the bedside depending on the child’s condition and space for a second caregiver to sleep outside the PICU.
Children over the age of 12 years old may visit at any time. We ask that children with fevers or coughs or rashes not to visit so as not to potentially spread contagious diseases either to their brother or sister or to other patients in the PICU. Children under 12 may visit with permission of the Nurse Manager and Intensivist on duty.
Live plants and flowers may not be kept at the bedside. If food is brought as gifts, we ask that you keep it sealed so as not to attract insects. Non-latex balloons are acceptable.

Leaving the PICU

As your child’s medical condition improves and intensive care is no longer required, your child may be transferred to the general pediatric floor, oncology unit, or Epilepsy Monitoring Unit for further care by your pediatrician or subspecialist physician. This is a reflection of your child’s improved medical condition and is a positive step. Your child will be able to go to the playroom as his/her condition permits. Each room on our general floors is private and has a full bathroom where your child may shower or bathe as permitted by your physician.
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